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Why Are You Called WestCountry.Co?

We’ve called this site WestCountry.Co because we aim to showcase and promote businesses based in the West Country – more specifically – within Devon or Cornwall.

The three women behind this website all run their own small businesses within the West Country and we also all live in the area, so we have experience of providing West Country based services as well as consuming them.

It doesn’t matter if a business has customers further afield – all we ask is that businesses appearing on WestCountry.Co will be based in, or, have an office within Devon or Cornwall.

What’s Different About WestCountry.Co?

WestCountry.Co not only brings you information about local businesses, we also tell you about the people behind the business.

For example we’ll explain how each was started, something about the business owner’s background and what lead them to want to work to give you the products and services they provide.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get to know the people who are so passionate about a product or service that they’ll work day and night to bring it to you? This will help those living in or visiting the South West to make better buying decisions.

Our aim is to bring a large variety of high quality small businesses to the attention of potential customers, and especially to those who may not have heard of them otherwise.

But Online Directories Go Out Of Date Don’t They?

This is where WestCountry.Co really shines. All businesses that are signed up to our service supply us with up to date news of any changes that happen within their service.

Often you’ll find that a small business is far too busy to update their own website regularly with the type of news that makes the business appear current and relevant to you the comsumer. Our service changes that. We provide the marketing and technical skills that small businesses simply don’t have.

So how does this help you, the consumer? Only those businesses that really care about customer service and quality product delivery will appear on WestCountry.Co. A fly-by-night operation would never be able to agree to our terms of service. That alone puts businesses appearing on this website into another class.

How Will WestCountry.Co Help Me Find Good Local Services?

Sometimes small but passionate local businesses are hard to find. They may not be on the High Street or featured in glossy magazines.

WestCountry.Co showcases these businesses so you can find them online. So much more than a mere directory listing WestCountry.Co gives you more information about the ethos of a company, as well as its products or services.

Will WestCountry.Co Help Me To Lower My Carbon Footprint?

In the South West there are thousands of businesses close to where you live or stay, providing huge numbers of goods and service – in fact more than you could ever think possible.

Businesses on WestCountry.Co are based in Devon and Cornwall, so no matter which business you find on this site, you will know it’s geographically local to the South-West but of course may serve customers in the South-West only, nationally or internationally.

Further, some of them will be specifically aimed at the green economy. Where this is the case we’ll point this out clearly.

How Can I Help The Local South-West Economy?

In these challenging economic times it’s good to know that when you spend money you’re helping local employment.

The more you can focus your spending locally, the more chances you give to the young and the old in the area.

Because all the companies on WestCountry.Co are based on the South-West, you can be sure that by asking us for information or by using our website, you’ll be making use of locally based talent. This means you will directly be helping to boost local employment.

How Will I Know When There Are Updates On WestCountry.Co? is growing all the time with new businesses being added weekly. Simply Like Us on Facebook to be updated when new businesses are featured.

Does WestCountry.Co Work On A Mobile Phone?

The short answer is Yes. Try browsing to // on an iPhone to see for yourself.

Although this website is about informing those with an interest in the South-West of as many quality local businesses as we can, WestCountry.Co is itself an example of the type of website that the people at Devon Web Designers can build for local businesses. Liz Jamieson runs Devon Web Designers and is one of the three women in the WestCountry.Co team.

Via Devon Web Designers and WestCountry.Co itself, we offer a range of services and marketing-led web design is one of them.

You can have a business website that is accessible from a desktop computer, a laptop, an iPad and a mobile phone like an iPhone – that is just one website that can be visited from a range of devices ensuring you have the option to reach as many people as possible online. Contact us for more information.

Can I Tell You About My Favourite Local Businesses?

We love to hear what customers think of South-West companies. Please share your favourite businesses and tell us why you think they are so good. There’s a gift for anyone that can introduce us to a local business who then signs up for one of our services.

Simply contact us using the form and let us know your name and contact details, as well as the phone number and name of the business you’d like to recommend.

I Run A South-West Business – How Can I Be Included On WestCountry.Co?

If you run a business in Devon, Cornwall or Somerset, please click here and sign up as a business.