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Behind The Scenes At WestCountry.Co

We're keeping you up to date here on how the website is doing along with anything that happens at the WestCountry.Co offices. There are real people behind WestCountry.Co too! Look out as well for some website tips and product suggestions that you might be able to apply to your own small business websites.

What Type Of Bat Is This?

Please can you help identify this species of bat? It is around 6 centimetres in length. Environment: we have two large ponds of one acre in total and plenty of trees for nesting.

Three Days In – How Is The WestCountry.Co Website Doing?

WestCountry.Co has been live for almost three days now and we are just making sure that it gets indexed by Google. Sites do well in the search engines when they are large – and by large – I mean they have hundreds and hundreds of pages. Part of WestCountry.Co’s success will be tied to it’s […]

South-West Business Directory Launched

We started building the WestCountry.Co website – a South-West business directory with a difference – at the beginning of May 2012. And today Monday 25th June it was put live. WestCountry.Co is aimed at businesses based in the South-West UK – specifically Devon, Cornwall and Somerset – and consumers who live or visit the West […]