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Liz is a technical web developer and SEO specialising in WordPress and its use as a tool to promote business through quality content. She is building WestCountry.Co as business hub in conjunction with Daniella Coughlin and Penelope Nicholson.

About Elizabeth

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Easy Bike Days – Electric Bike Hire In Devon And Somerset

Kate is a cycling enthusiast, whose love of the freedom and direct access it gives the cyclist to the countryside has been with her since childhood. But the special thing about Kate is that she works with people new to this form of exercise and makes it accessible via the use of electric bikes!

Everywhere In The West Country

A friend of mine, and a local business owner, Gordon Martyn has just made a short film featuring many of the place names in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Is your town or village in mentioned? Enjoy!

The George Hotel

The George in Hatherleigh is a beautifully appointed pub and hotel, perfect for freshly cooked lunch or dinner. The bedrooms are stunning with en-suite bathrooms better than you’d find in many larger hotels. Used by locals and visitors it is a pub for everyone.

Three Days In – How Is The WestCountry.Co Website Doing?

WestCountry.Co has been live for almost three days now and we are just making sure that it gets indexed by Google. Sites do well in the search engines when they are large – and by large – I mean they have hundreds and hundreds of pages. Part of WestCountry.Co’s success will be tied to it’s […]

South-West Business Directory Launched

We started building the WestCountry.Co website – a South-West business directory with a difference – at the beginning of May 2012. And today Monday 25th June it was put live. WestCountry.Co is aimed at businesses based in the South-West UK – specifically Devon, Cornwall and Somerset – and consumers who live or visit the West […]