Discover Quality Local Products & Services In Devon And Cornwall You Never Knew Existed!


WestCountry.Co is all about bringing you the inside news on products and services based in Devon and Cornwall. The West Country is such an immense, largely rural area it’s easy to miss the entrepreneurial gems on your doorstep. There are people living in isolated cottages at the ends of long country lanes, or in tiny villages miles from anywhere, cooking up a storm in terms of their business ideas and offerings, and it can so easily go unnoticed.

We’re building a huge website that will gradually bring these enterprising people and their products to the fore, where we can all see them clearly. We need thriving businesses in the South West and if only we knew where and what they were, we’d all buy from them.

Who Are We?

Well, we’re three women who love the internet and have some experience with it.


Elizabeth Jamieson – Webmaster And Technical Lead

Elizabeth is a web designer and search engine optimisation coach. She teaches other people how to run sites and get them into the search engines.

Elizabeth is involved in a number of groups online where she supports and provides technical assistance to many small businesses around the world. She teaches WordPress SEO and builds effective websites for consultants and those selling information online.


Daniella Coughlin – Webmaster, Project Manager And Marketer

Daniella is an organisational ninja. A natural project manager able to communicate clearly and bring clarity to the most complex situation.

Daniella works for a registered charity and part of her job there is to manage the website and to use it as a tool to further the goals of the charity’s work.


Penelope Nicholson – Webmaster And Local Business Evangelist

Penny is a webmaster too and runs her own frugal food website. She is very involved in her local community and is all about sustainability, re-use and the environment.

She loves to seek out and promote local businesses and her enthusiasm is tireless.

Our Mission

One thing we all have in common is that we understand how the internet works. With our technical and internet marketing skills we want to fulfill our mission – to ensure that as many Devon and Cornwall based businesses appear on our site as possible.

Get in touch with us to find out about having your own business profile. This means that your business could have a feature article that will remain on the WestCountry website for as long as the site exists.

If you are a local business (based in Devon, Somerset or Cornwall) and would like advertise on West Country then find out more here.