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Wurlin Promotions And Merchandise

Steve in Hong Kong

I’d like to introduce you to Steve Hill. Steve is the dynamic and passionate owner of Wurlin. Wurlin design and supply bespoke promotional merchandise such as tailor-made umbrellas and a full range of indoor and outdoor clothing which can be made in quantities as little as 100 pieces.

Their products are unique in that they can be colour matched to specific Pantone colours for promotional and marketing activities as well as for retail merchandising. Wurlin supply to corporate companies, hotels, restaurants and Charities across the globe.

So, How Did It All Begin?

The idea for Wurlin was conceived in France where Steve was renovating his house. Steve decided that he needed something else to do whilst the weather prevented him from putting the roof on!

The business has now been going for six years in France and just over one year in the UK.

Steve has many clients throughout France where he lived for over five years. In-fact Steve has lived all over the world. After being born in London he went to University in Brighton where he read business studies and marketing.

Steve and his father in Tiananmen Square

He then lived in Australia for two years, Hong Kong for four years then back to London and Brighton before his five year stretch in Bordeaux.

Steve and his family have since settled in England just outside of Bath, Somerset. A historic picturesque city with splendid Georgian architecture.

Hong Kong will always be a special place for Steve though.

He said :

Its vibrant and dynamic, where East meets West, one of the only places I know in the world where you can have a Sunday roast dinner with yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings at 3.00am on a Wednesday morning!

After leaving university and travelling around the world Steve settled to worked in IT in Hong Kong and as a Microsoft consultant in the UK for companies such as Unisys and Microsoft.

Steve and family

There Is Nowhere Like Cornwall!

Steve loved France for its food, sun, French politeness and formality but still feels that you can’t beat Cornwall for its immense sense of place and natural beauty. He regularly visits Porthcurno – an area well known for its breathtaking coastal walks along the cliff edge and its secluded sandy beaches. It is also home to the world famous Minack open air theatre just to the west.

He says :

I love the history and age of the UK, visiting places like Glastonbury and realising how very temporary and insignificant we all are.

The move to the South West was mainly for family reasons and to improve that all important work/life balance. For work Steve needed a good internet connection and regular flights to Europe – Bristol was ideal. He can fly out to see a client in Lyon, meet for lunch, and be home again by 10.00pm.

Promotional Umbrella

Ambitions For Wurlin

Steve’s ideal client is one that is design driven, brand focused, experimental and a good prompt payer. He would like the business to supply prestigious well-known clients with big budgets and big imaginations to go with it. He offers the same quality service to any size of business big or small. With good marketing and a great product helped along by Steve’s promotional wizardry, a small business can grow.

Disney is a Wurlin client along with some household name restaurants and hotels throughout Europe.

When I asked Steve if anything funny had happened since starting Wurlin, he replied

“A couple of years ago whilst in a meeting with a potential client for a French sports chain, I was trying to persuade them to use us to supply them with umbrellas and corporate clothing.

Whilst I speak pretty good French my vocabulary often lets me down. The Client was unsure about moving from their existing supplier and I got stuck on the phrase “You need to make a leap of faith” I tried a number of different phrases but no one understood what I meant. So in frustration I climbed on to the table, put my hands over my eyes and jumped!!! They thought it was hilarious and we have been supplying them ever since.

I think this sums up Steve’s philosophy on life Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you may die!

And Steve’s Dislikes Are……

Traffic, taxes, poor quality wine and food and bad or lack of good design.

The People That Steve Admires

Steve admires people who are truly musical. He says he has no musical ability of his own but is envious of those that do. He also likes brilliant designers such as Philippe Starck who can turn almost anything into something functional and beautiful.

You can contact Steve at Wurlin on 01225 784 088 or for French clients call +33 5 67 07 04 06. Alternatively you can see the full range of products by visiting and

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