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Sarah Hewlett – Reflexology And Accupressure

Sarah Hewlett Exeter Devon
Sarah Hewlett

Sarah Hewlett provides Reflexology and Accupressure in Exeter and Cullompton, Devon. Reflexology is the application of pressure to parts of the hands or feet that are believed to have a corresponding physical effect on different parts of the body. It involves specific, detailed massage techniques into the reflex points in the hands and feet.

People seek reflexology treatment to help relieve tension and stress, aid restful sleep and improve their overall sense of well-being. People have reported healing and positive physical benefits following a course of relflexology. Certainly a one hour foot massage with Sarah will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed and more ready to face your day.

Accupressure is very aligned to accupuncture using established Japanese tecqniques which can have a positive effect on easing muscular issues and improving overall well being

Sarah works with her clients in a safe place where they can be themselves and be gently treated

A Devon Practice

Sarah works from different centres in Exeter including

A South West Beginning

Sarah is a South-West lady. She was born in Yeovil in Somerset and then moved to Bristol while still a child. At the age of eighteen she went to St Thomas’ Hospital in London to train as a nurse – SEN. On qualifying she worked for a while at St Thomas’ and then onto Westminster Hospital where she was mainly working on the ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) ward.

This was next to the oncology (cancer) ward and she started observing the effects of aggressive treatments such as chemotherapy on people who were already very ill and whose medication made them feel even worse. She began to be interested in homeopathic remedies which work with the body to restore its natural balance.

She began to recognise that some people accept conventional treatment and work with it, but for others it can be very debilitating. She began to understand a patient’s need to be treated as an individual and the importance of listening to what each person wants. Everyone has inherited vulnerabilities or difficult past experiences which all combine to create that individual’s profile. Sarah believes that everyone must find their own truth. How you are feeling is how you are feeling – and it needs to be understood.

From Nursing To Reflexology

Sarah Hewlett Reflexology Exeter Devon
A Reflexology Session

Following from her initial interest in alternative therapies, Sarah realised that nursing was not for her. At the time her brother was setting up a sandwich delivery company and asked her to join him. They ran this successfully for several years. The loss of a big contract made them review the situation and Sarah decide to try turning her hobby of painting ceramic tiles into an income earning business.

Whilst painting tiles, she accepted a course of reflexology as part payment for a commission she was doing. This reflexology had a profound effect on Sarah improving her well-being several fold and inspired her to learn more. This, along with her already established views on complementary medicines, led her to take up a course to qualify as a reflexologist. She was so committed that she sold her house to finance the training and provide some initial money to live on, although she did a part time job as well.

She completed the course with the Association of Reflexologists, qualifying in 2001 and becoming a Member a year later after completing the required 70 hours of case studies.

Bringing Reflexology To Devon

She started her business in Bristol and Bath but six years ago she moved to Tiverton in Devon and then later to Exeter. She had always felt very drawn to Devon and especially to Exeter as she knew she had anscestors who had lived there.

Exeter Devon Hills
Exeter-In The Devon Hills

She loves that the Devon hills can be seen from the centre of Exeter.

Accupressure Exeter
Accupressure Treatment

Sarah enjoys her work and gets huge satisfaction seeing people get better, and grow spirituality and learn to listen to their gut feelings. Reflexology can make people feel deeply relaxed. She likes helping people find their truth – something that is unique to themsleves.

Many of her clients are local but she has clients from Bristol and even one who travels from London to see her – she must be offering something very special. She has deep listening skills, helping people to get to their inner core. She understands people. She helps people to find the gift in a difficult situation and offers ideas. She says we are all a work in progress.

The Adorable South-West

Burgh Isalnd Bantham Beach Devon
Burgh Island And Bantham Beach

Sarah loves the South West. She loves the coast, especially Burgh Island and Bantham beach, and the rural and green open spaces. She thinks the local food available all around Devon is sensational. She appreciates the friendly people too. There are many people in the South-West who share Sarah’s aim to live sustainably and with nature.

Many of Sarah’s clients are from word of mouth recommendations. She also does Taster accupressure sessions at the craft fair at the Hub on the Green each month with a Saturday drop in clinic. It is just £3 for a taster lasting bout 10 minutes or £15 for a full half-hour.

In the future, Sarah wants to continue to be recognised and have a busy client base. The influence she has on her clients not only heals them but ripples out to their families. The treatments usually have a positive effect on Sarah too.

Sarah has had a client who is famous for her work on Strictly Come Dancing. She has also spoken to Prince Charles about her work when he visited the centre in Cullompton, explaining the benefits she gets from giving treatment. She also explained acccupressure to Camilla. The Royal couple were present when she took part in a Health Question Time on sleep

I have to say that I feel more relaxed just chatting to Sarah and experiencing her intuitive understanding and complete non-judgemental acceptance of who I am. If you would like to find out more and how to contact Sarah, visit her website on

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