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Gosling Baby Products

Chloe Mathers of Gosling in Teignmouth
Chloe Mathers
Founder Of Gosling Baby Products

Chloe Mathers sells Kozy Carriers, which are used for carrying babies of all ages from newborns through to toddlers. She also sells crafting kits for people to make their own baby ring slings.

Locally in her home town of Teignmouth in Devon, Chloe teaches disadvantaged Mums to make their own ring slings (slings with rings!), as part of a confidence building/back to work programme.

She is a trained Walk this Way leader and leads walks for the mothers too.

Chloe also offers bespoke back to work support for mothers returning to work after maternity leave, looking for a new job after maternity leave or a longer break, or considering going self employed.

In addition she is a trained breastfeeding peer supporter and babywearing peer supporter with work experience in the welfare-to-work sector.

The Start of Gosling In Teignmouth

Chloe called her business Gosling. It is a baby sling business, so the thought process with the name was O-Sling as her son is called Oscar. She then thought of Go Sling and then realised that spelled Gosling which fitted perfectly with baby products and meant she could diversify in the future.

Chloe says :

I like there to be a bit of confusion for people not knowing whether to say go sling or gosling!

Gosling Sling Kit in Teignmouth
A 'Gosling' Sling

Chloe started the business in the summer of 2010, when her first son was about six months old. She had really got into the habit of using slings – sometimes referred to as babywearing – and bought and sold lots of second hand slings.

She couldn’t really believe how expensive a lot of them were, even second hand.

Chloe tried out several ring slings and although she loved the idea of them, she couldn’t find one that was comfortable for her, so she decided to design her own instead.

Well didn’t someone say that Necessity is the mother of invention?

At first she just sold her own ring slings, but in 2011 she also started selling Kozy Carrier Mei Tai style carriers. Now she sells Kozys, and kits to make your own ring slings, so that she can spend more time on her new project, working with new mothers.

Helping Other Devon Mothers

Chloe received a small amount of funding from Unltd, which she is using to teach disadvantaged mums in Teignmouth and surrounding areas to make and use their own slings. She also organises walks where mums can make friends and get back into exercise, helping them to shift any gained baby weight and re-gain confidence. She provides one on one and group bespoke back to work support too. Chloe also finds that being a trained breastfeeding peer supporter, helps her to encourage breastfeeding, too.

Sling Walk in Teignmouth, Devon
A Sling Walk In Teignmouth
Chloe says :

I want to offer a full service to help make Mums’ lives easier and more enjoyable in the early days, and beyond, when they are trying to find that elusive work-life balance!

Making Mums’ Lives Easier

Mums Slings in Teignmouth, Devon
Mums with Their Ring Slings

Chloe is passionate about slings as they can make life so much better when you have a young baby. She tries to reach people who wouldn’t otherwise have used a sling so that they can enjoy all the benefits of babywearing. There is too much choice in the world of slings and it can be overwhelming to say the least. So she has made it easy, by selling just one type, Kozys, as they are easy to use and in her opinion are the only sling a parent will ever need. Chloe hires them out so that people can try before they buy so if for any reason a Kozy isn’t right for the family, she is more than happy to help them find something suitable.

The key to her success is keeping things simple. She doesn’t overwhelm her customers with information and choice. She has a good awareness of all sorts of baby carriers and is a trained Babywearing Peer Supporter.

When she sells a sling she believes it should work for almost every family, but if there is a more suitable sling out there I am happy to help them find it. If someone has a sling that they aren’t using she will help them learn to use it properly. Her aim is to get more families (not just mothers and fathers,but grandparents, aunts and uncles too) using slings, but they don’t necessarily have to be supplied by Chloe!

Chloe says :

For me, I think that people are quite receptive to the idea of using slings and just need someone to get them started.

I want to bring babywearing to the mainstream, showing parents that it’s not a hippy thing – a sling can make any new parent’s life easier!

She loves to help a pregnant woman or new mother who is interested in slings, but who doesn’t know where to start. Her sling kits are really good for someone who enjoys crafts and wants to give a pregnant friend a personal, practical, and pretty present that they have hand-made.

Although she has not had any famous clients herself, she thinks that the fact that lots of celebrities are now being seen carrying their babies in slings is helping to bring babywearing into the mainstream.

A Global Business From Teignmouth

Teignmouth Beach, Devon
Teignmouth Beach

Chloe lives in the beautiful seaside town of Teignmouth, where she and her partner grew up.

She says

I am Teignmouth born and bred! I have lived briefly in Exeter and Bristol but the sea called me back! It is so beautiful here, and an amazing place to bring up children, there is always so much going on.

Teignmouth, Devon, Gosling Baby Slings
Chloe Has Always Lived In Teignmouth

Chloe sells her slings throughout the UK, and Europe. She has sold slings in Devon and other parts of the UK, as well as Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, and Dubai! Chloe particularly like to sell locally as she can support parents using their slings and she is able to provide a full service. Her main promotion is by word of mouth and her Facebook page. She hopes to advertise in Mama Packs and get flyers sent out locally too.

Chloe loves having an online business, which of can be run from anywhere – but Chloe can think of nowhere better to run it from than the South West – in her opinion a beautiful part of the world!

Read more about Gosling on the website and on the blog

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