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Hi-T’s Fudge

Tina Allwork of Hi-ts Devon fudge
Tina Allwork of Hi-T's Fudge

Tina Allwork’s business is called Hi-T’s Fudge. She makes high quality fudge with only the best quality ingredients.

Her business began in April 2006 in Harrow in London when she started supplying cakes to the local Heritage Centre Café.

The name was born out of the concept high tea aspect of the café and the fact that it was started by friends Helen and Tina so they could incorporate the first letter of their names.

Tina’s fudge is made from natural, local ingredients. Winning several awards for taste and quality it is possibly the best fudge in the South West

Award Winning South West Fudge

Tina began making fudge with a friend when they both became mothers and were very much aware of the effects of food additives on their children. They concentrated on additive-free home cooking of all types and from this emerged the idea to make something which would enable everyone to benefit from food without additives and hit on additive free sweets in the form of fudge.

Her fudge has won both accolades and awards. Tina is now the sole proprieter of Hi-T's Fudge. Tina says :

I do believe that I produce the best fudge on the market and work very hard to maintain quality, standards and good customer service.

From London to the West Country

Delicious Devon Fudge - Ginger
Delicious Devon Ginger Fudge

Tina came from Harrow, to the South-West in August 2007. She now resides in Tavistock in Devon where the fudge is made in her kitchen.

She says Tavistock is a good place for her business because, although there is much more competition from other fudge companies in the South-West, she loves the fact that in general the population in the West Country do recognise a good fudge when they taste it!

Tina moved to the South West for personal reasons. Although she was born in London, she did spend a large part of her childhood in the West Country and regarded it as home. She thinks it’s wonderful to be back, and feels it is a good place for her business as the quality fudge she produces appeals to both locals and holiday makers. Her customers certainly love and appreciate both good food and sweet treats!

High Quality Devon Fudge

Devon Chocolate Fudge
Velvet Fudge

Hi-T’s Fudge has experienced some fame, appearing on various TV programs such as Market Kitchen and Ready Steady Cook, and has attracted several celebrity fans along the way.

Tina says :

I have been told that it is used as a benchmark by the Guild of Fine Food when judging fudge at the Great Taste Awards after it won Reserve Supreme Champion.

Tina sells her fudge in the South-West through shows, farmer’s markets and other retail outlets, but it is also available online worldwide. She uses local products for her fudge wherever possible including local fruit, milk and cream. She has two ranges – the Velvet Range and the Indulgence Range. The latter is made with Devon clotted cream – for creamy, luxury!

She promotes her product by getting out and selling directly to the public as well as through her website and by doing articles for other publications.

There’s Fun In Fudge

Although Tina takes her business seriously, she has had a lot of fun along the way! She relates :

If I could remember all the daft things that have been said to me at markets, I could write a best seller! We exhibited at The Speciality and Fine Food Fair at London Olympia when we had only been in business for a few months.

Completely green around the gills and really no idea of what we were doing, we threw ourselves in at the deep end. We had balloons which kept exploding on the same day of an actual bomb scare in Olympia. We laughed our way through and before long word got around that not only was the fudge good but it was the best entertainment and the queues formed!

Tina Allwork
Rum 'n Raisin Devon Fudge By Hi-T's
She also remembers a show at Launceston, where they waded through mud and come home caked in the stuff. She relates :

North Devon was the annual mud bath where one year we all had to be towed in by a tractor, only I managed to get towed backwards and then abandoned. So I tied balloons onto the car and spent the entire day explaining to members of the public that the car wasn’t a prize and you couldn’t win it!

Tina shows the tenacity and passion of a true entrepreneur. If you want to try their award winning fudge go to It could be the best fudge you have ever tasted!

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