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Natural Nursery

Arabella Greatorex
Founder of Natural Nursery

Arabella Greatorex opened Natural Nursery in 2004 to provide, as the name suggests, natural and organic products for babies and children.

The idea for the business arose when Arabella was pregnant with her first child, as she found it very hard to find the gentle baby products she wanted, such as safe baby slings, washable nappies and organic clothing.

She found herself importing a lot of wonderful products from Europe and the United States, and of course, soon realised that many other parents were keen to source the same products. So, rather than just buying for herself, she began selling them to other parents too, and Natural Nursery was born!

Arabella wanted natural, gentle products for her baby – but then realised she could provide this for other parents too

Natural Nursery – From Bristol To Exeter

The business was originally set up for online trading only. However after a couple of years of success, Arabella opened a shop in Bristol. But when she relocated with her family back to Exeter in 2008 she decided to return to selling purely online.

The driving force behind the business is Arabella’s passion about using only the most natural, safest and most beautiful products on her children and her recognition that other parents want the same. Virtually everything she sells has been used and approved by her own family and friends.

Real Nappies Are Very Cool

It is this personal experience of the products that she sells, that make Natural Nursery extra special. Arabella road tests dozens of products each year and only chooses to sell the ones that she would be happy to use with her own family, or give as a gift to a friend.

For example, when trialling four new baby carriers, she takes each one out with her baby daughter for a whole day and next they are tested by other baby wearing friends so she can get a rounded view on them. She will then choose the best two to add to her existing range.

Baby sling on a Dad
Dad With Baby Sling

When asked about her who her customers are, she says that her ideal client is,

A baby wearing, cloth nappy using, first time parent!

She not only supplies customers, in Exeter and the South West, but all over the UK and many European countries within the EU, too

Arabella also reveals that she has sent some parcels to Royal Palaces, but she is keeping Mum about the recipients precise identity!

And Why The South-West? Why Devon?

Arabella says,

I was born in Plymouth and moved up and down the A38 before heading north (I got as far as Leeds) taking in Bristol, London and Slough on the way. We came to Exeter four years ago to be back near the sea

Some of my best childhood memories are of days at the beach and I wanted our children to love the sea as much as I do

Arabella Greatorex
South-West Beaches Are the Best

So her main reason for being in the South-West was lifestyle, but she says she has also been very impressed with the high calibre of staff she has been able to employ.

Exeter’s Local Green Baby Expert

Arabella gains many new customers from referrals from her existing customers. She also actively uses social media often offering support and advice to her followers as well as highlighting local events, and her own workshops such as Babychino at the Hub on the Green at Cathedral Close, Exeter.

Natural Nursery - Suppliers of Green Baby Products

She recently organised a Baby Fair, too for suppliers and customers to meet and network. In addition she runs the website Exeter Baby Activities, highlighting events and workshops in the local area and supplying information for parents.

Going forward, Arabella simply wants to continue to grow and become the most respected baby goods supplier in the area.

Arabella is passionate about her business, her products and most of all her family. And she feels very lucky to be living in Exeter, her favourite part of the world. When relaxing Arabella often visits one of Devon’s wonderful beaches or she explores parts of Dartmoor such as the fabulous Haytor.

If you want to know more about Natural Nursery go their website Or find her on Twitter.

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