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Canada Wood Log Construction

Owner of Canada Wood Log Construction - Daniel Palmer
Daniel Palmer
Canada Wood Log Construction

Canada Wood Log Construction are builders of high quality, handcrafted log cabins. The cabins are built from Douglas Fir, Larch and Spruce, all grown on their own fully managed and sustainable woodlands in Petrockstowe, Devon.

This gives the buildings excellent eco credentials. All the initial processing of the timber is done only meters away from were it was felled. Final construction on site not only lets Daniel show off his craftsmanship but also allows the client to watch every step of the construction process and to fully appreciate what goes into these unique structures.

The owners of the business are Daniel and Joanna Palmer who set up 4 years ago after moving to Devon from Kent. They were in search of the every elusive better quality of life.

Selection And Construction In The South West

Every single Canada Wood structure is unique. First Daniel selects the right sized trees for the job. Once the trees are felled the hard work begins. Each log has all of its bark removed; this process is known as peeling and is done by hand. Every log is worked in the round, that is to say left in their natural shape. This gives the cabins a very solid and traditional look. In order for the structure to lock together each log must be shaped or scribed to locate onto the log below. Although this process is very time consuming it creates an incredibly strong and stable structure that will last generations.

Daniel uses the technique of over-scribing on all of his structures. This allows all external logs time to settle and remain weather tight during the settling process. The settling period is usually around five years after construction has been completed. You can expect to see about 90% of the settling complete in the first two years.

The Energy Saving Benefits

If you choose to have a bespoke log cabin made into an inspirational home you can expect to see a saving on energy bills of up to 20 – 30%! This is due to the lower thermal mass of log buildings and there inherent thermal insulation properties.

For Log Cabin construction they can provide assistance with

  • Planning Applications
  • Architectural design
  • Full ‘turn key’ construction
  • In-house and bespoke joinery

From Canada – To Devon

The idea for Canada Wood started as a bit of an obsession by the owner/builder Daniel. Whilst away skiing with Jo in Canada, Daniel broke his collar bone and spent the rest of the trip taking pictures of the surrounding villages. On their return, they noticed a lot of the images were in fact, yes you got it, log cabins!

Daniel admired their build quality and just how well they sat in their natural environment. On their return from Canada they were told that the 80 acre woodland near their parent’s farm had come on the market. It may have felt like fate was lending a hand when they discovered that the area was called Canada Woods. The woodland was purchased and the rest, as they say, is history.

Although already a skilled craftsman, Daniel had no experience in building log cabins and so embarked on a study of every aspect of their design and construction. It became apparent that different countries for example Sweden, Canada and France built their cabins in different ways. The research culminated a few years ago with a trip to Canada. There Daniel trained with one of the top builders in the world, the Chairman of the Log Builders’ Association Lloyd Beckedorf.

In his quest for developing his knowledge and skill, Daniel will be embarking on another trip later this year to Scandinavia to research their technique in log construction.

Canada Wood Log Construction make bespoke handmade eco-friendly products

Canada Wood is now focused on developing their business locally and nationally. They have placed many miniature (they are still the size of a large garden shed) sample products around the country including the New Forest and Lincolnshire.

You can visit their website to view these exceptional products by visiting Canada Wood Log Construction.

Other products produced by Canada Wood

  • Garden Furniture
  • Wendy houses
  • Lake cabins
  • External kitchens
  • Gazebos
  • Summer houses
  • Stables
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