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Secure Source

Dan Of Secure Source

Dan Hathaway’s business Secure Source, sources candidates for employment roles in the specialist area of IT security – hence the name.

The business started in 2010 and has been growing ever since.

Dan already had over a decade of experience working in the IT security recruitment sector, when he sold his London based business to move to the South West and set up Secure Source in Devon.

A Secure Career in Exeter

His office is in Exeter in Notaries House on the Cathedral Green which also houses The Hub on the Green, Sustaincare and several other small businesses.

We genuinely take time to understand what clients and candidates alike really want.

Looking ahead, Dan thinks that IT Security will become more and more important and he thrives on keeping up to date and relevant in this ever changing market. He believes the most important aspects of his work are Partnership and Delivery.

Dan says :

We genuinely take time to understand what clients and candidates alike really want. By serving both parties with deep underlying market knowledge, Secure Source can achieve a successful outcome for both parties within an accelerated timescale.

Dan Hathaway
In fact Dan’s ambition is to be the best in his area of expertise.

Back To Devon From The Smoke

Dan's Exeter Office

Dan came to the South-West after working in London for a decade, and finds life here a bit different. He does sometimes miss the hustle and bustle, but a day back in London for meetings quickly reminds him why he left when he did! After managing companies in London, he realised that his business was fairly portable and he could take it somewhere else geographically.

He chose the South-West because it is where he grew up and where his family still lives so it was natural for him to return. He also loves the great beaches that he missed while living in central London. Dan feels that moving to Exeter was the right decision;Exeter has a great atmosphere, and is a city on the up. It also has great links into London!

A Global Business

Dan has a variety of clients including top consultancies, investment banks, software vendors, telecom companies and outsourcing companies. His favourite clients are those who are prepared to work closely with him and are open to creative thinking or alternative solutions. He also very much appreciates clients who pay on time!

He says :

We work globally, although we concentrate mostly on the UK and then Europe. We actually have only a few clients in the South-West, something which we are working to address. In the last few months we have had candidates on interview with our clients in Australia, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and France. If the work is within IT Security, then we will work it wherever it may be.

Dan gets a lot of his business from networking and word of mouth referrals. He also feels the social media website LinkedIn is very useful.

Dan enjoys his work and not least because of the people he works with. He comments :

A Charitable Challenge

In between selling his London company and starting Secure Source, he took on the Kilimanjaro challenge for charity.

He says :

I undertook Kilimanjaro as I had wanted to do something big for a while and I was presented with an opportunity to do this when some friends of mine suggested it. I had sold my previous company, so had a unique chance to have a break in between setting up Secure Source.

Beautiful Sun On Killimanjaro
Killimanjaro Challenge
Dan adds :

It was definitely one of my the highlights of my life and something that I would definitely recommend. I trained for about 8 months for it, which consisted of gym 3 times a week, along with cycling and running 4 times a week. I also practised on Scafell Pike and Snowden.

It is an unusual challenge as the days and terrain vary massively from day to day. You start in jungle, then move into scrublands, then a rocky environment followed by deep snow and ice. I enjoyed most of it. We lost a couple of people to snow blindness (they had to be helicoptered off the mountain) and the final ascent was very tough (I have very hazy memories due to the altitude sickness) but it was an excellent achievement.

Dan On The Snow

Dan related that his mother has multiple sclerosis, and so he was keen to represent the Multiple Sclerosis Society – He raised around £3,000 for the charity.

His team members funded the trip themselves so that all of the money raised went directly to the charity. The other seven members raised approximately £15,000 for Cancer Research. A life changing, amazing, and worthwhile experience!

To find out more about Secure Source, go to the website

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