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The Hollingworth Touch

An image of Harriet Hollingworth of the Hollingworth Touch, Devon
Harriet Hollingworth
The Hollingworth Touch

The Hollingworth Touch is based in the Cookworthy Forest Centre, Beaworthy, Devon and specialises in complementary healthcare.

Business owner, Harriet Hollingworth, says that the Cookworthy Centre in Beaworthy offers a tranquil setting that enables her clients to enjoy relaxation and peace during treatments.

The Cookworthy Centre also has lots of easy parking which is a real plus when you have an appointment – much easier than trying to find the last space in a busy town centre.

Complementary Therapy At Cookworthy Forest

Cookworthy Forest is a large conifer plantation between Okehampton and Bude and is popular with both locals and visitors for walking, riding and orienteering.

A local orienteering group established a permanent orienteering course there in 2007. So it’s excellent news that Harriet specialises in muscular aches, pains, injuries and sports massage!

Entrance To Cookworthy Forest Where Harriet Is Located

Harriet practises all the following therapies

  • Reflexology
  • Sports Massage
  • Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
  • Holistic Massage
  • Reiki
  • Reiki Attunements
  • Indian Head Massage

And if that’s not enough from August 2012 she will also be a Louise Hay Practitioner.

Harriet wanted to incorporate her own name into the business name as she wanted people to associate her own natural ability to give treatments based on her training, experience, intuition and natural flair for healing. The Hollingworth Touch has been established since 2008 and is grown each year from this little forested pocket of Devon.

An Easy Move From Norwich To Beautiful Devon

Harriet decided some time ago that working in a Bank was leaving her unfulfilled and started training in complementary therapies in her spare time, mostly at evenings and weekends. It was soon clear that Harriet had an innate ability and a passion for natural ways of healing. As soon as Harriet was qualified she re-located to Ashwater, Devon from Norwich after resigning from her job, and started her new business from scratch. Harriet always felt that she was put on this earth to make a difference and thoroughly enjoys the freedom of owning her own business in complementary health care.

Complementary Therapy – A Passion

Harriet believes that her work is more of a calling than a job and feels very blessed to love what she does. She finds natural healing fascinating and is always excited to learn new and effective ways to help people. When I asked Harriet what she finds so satisfying about her work she said :

The most satisfying thing to me is when someone leaves my treatment room feeling free and without pain. It is very important to me to get good results from what I do

From Exeter To The Coast Of Bude

Treatment Room - The Hollingworth Touch

The majority of The Hollingworth Touch clients come from Exeter and Bude and her ideal customer is one that is leaves her pain free, but who returns for treatment and above all, is a happy customer. In addition Harriet is a therapist at the Exeter Natural Health Centre where they offer a wide range of complementary treatments, classes and training opportunities via a team of experienced teachers and therapists. They can offer a diverse selection of therapies for the mind, body and soul. They even carry out new born baby reflexology. This is a gentle non-invasive way to help babies balance their new bodies.

Charity work is important to Harriet and she strongly believes in giving something back to society. To that end, Harriet is happy to support charities with taster sessions at charity events. Taster sessions are not limited to just charity work, she is also partial to carrying out treatments at festivals around the West Country.

Long Term Ambitions in the West Country

Looking to the future, Harriet would love nothing more than to expand her knowledge further by adding new therapies to her current skills set. She would then like to take this knowledge forward into a teaching role for new therapists hoping to expand their own offerings. Harriet is very keen to start her own workshops in Devon as soon as time will allow. If you have an event planned and you think The Hollingworth Touch could enhance your program – please get in touch.

When I asked Harriet if she had any memorable moments she replied :

I was asked to carry out some massages in the middle of a nightclub on a busy student night! I did not realise that they were going to position me in the middle of the dance floor! As you can imagine it was a bit crazy and I was not expecting to come away covered in alcohol. It was one of the most surreal things I have ever done. Not something I would enter into again in a hurry …

You can find more information about Harriet and all of the therapies she carries out by visiting her website The Hollingworth Touch.

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