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Three Days In – How Is The WestCountry.Co Website Doing?

WestCountry.Co has been live for almost three days now and we are just making sure that it gets indexed by Google. Sites do well in the search engines when they are large – and by large – I mean they have hundreds and hundreds of pages. Part of WestCountry.Co’s success will be tied to it’s eventual overall size.

Today as we stand at three day old, we are barely 20 pages, but most of those pages are indexed in Google already which is good news. This means as we add more content, each article will be indexed quickly by Google, probably within a few hours or even within a few minutes once the authority of the site grows.

How To Check How Many Pages You Have In The Index

If you want to find out how many pages of your website Google has noticed, you can ask Google directly. But note, Google doesn’t always tell the truth. If Google says it has 100 pages of your site in the index, it probably has more, but not less. Google likes to be vague.

Watch this video to find out how to check how much Google cares about your website.

Did you find out how many pages your website has in the index? Basically the more you have the better. Eventually you need to aim at having many many hundreds of pages if you want to stand some chance of natural search traffic. If you don’t have any pages at all in the index, that is bad news (unless you aren’t interested in traffic from the search engines). In any case you should to speak to your web designer or speak to us if you want some help.

Some More Things To Check

You can get a lot of feedback on what Google thinks of your site by registering it with Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools will give you an indication of what’s wrong so that you can get problems addressed before they become critical.

The basic message is that it’s all very well checking how many pages are indexed, but you also need to be sure that each of the pages indexed is well optimized and has no errors.

Given Your Site A FaceLift?

It’s especially easy to have problems if you’ve just changed your site design for another. If you do this you do need to make sure that all the old pages either still exist with exactly the same URLs, or, that you re-direct the ones that no longer exist to new locations. If you don’t do this, you’ll have lots of pages in the index that lead nowhere and this isn’t good for your organic search success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

There are some fancy (i.e they cost money) tools, that we use as professional web designers and search engine optimizers. They help us check and re-check that a site is on target for increasing amounts of visitor traffic. At this early stage of WestCountry.Co’s life, I want to make sure that I haven’t made any obvious errors in the site structure, so I use tools and knowledge gleaned from my membership of Search Engine Optimization think tanks like SEOMoz, SEORevolution and SEOBrainTrust.

SEOMoz I like because of the SEO tools they provide to members. SEORevolution is run by Jerry West whom I met when I was a moderator at Stompernet, and SEOBrainTrust is run by Dan Thies and Leslie Rhode who I also met at Stompernet. They are between them at the top of the SEO knowledge tree, and I learn from them.

I ran the Crawl Diagnostics tool at SEOMoz and found there were a number of pages with key SEO information missing. Catching these early means I can make sure the WestCountry.Co site is off to a good solid start as far as SEO is concerned. Also it sets the scene for the almost forensic attention to detail required to make sure a website goes well for years to come.

So What Software Did We Use?

I teach WordPress SEO to students one on one, so it was fitting that I’d use WordPress for this site. WordPress is the best solution out there for small business. It provides a launch pad from which you can build a great website – if you’ve got the patience and the will to do so. If you haven’t then speak to us and we’ll be able to do it for you. There are a number of website packages planned at WestCountry.Co which will relieve you of the worry of having to set your website up properly, SEO it and maintain it.

In additionto WordPress itself, I also used a WordPress theme from StudioPress. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes around but to my mind StudioPress themes are amongst the very best, if not the best.

We also used newsletter software from AWeber and the following plugins

  • Premise
  • CaptionPix
  • Gravity Forms

Well, that’s all for today. Good luck with your website endeavours and organic traffic growth.

About Elizabeth

Liz is a technical web developer and SEO specialising in WordPress and its use as a tool to promote business through quality content. She is building WestCountry.Co as business hub in conjunction with Daniella Coughlin and Penelope Nicholson.

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