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Adigipic Photography

Ian Sanders Adigipic, Devon
Ian Sanders - Adigipic Devon

Digital photography by Adigipic which simply means a digital picture, was founded over 25 years ago in Herefordshire by owner and photographer Ian Sanders.

Now based in Beaworthy, Devon, Adigipic specialise in taking high quality digital images for businesses who require not just photographs, but extra-ordinary photographs, such as aerial photos where Ian’s skill and experience count.

A perfect industrial photo will sometimes require Ian to shoot photos from the top of extremely high buildings, from a low-flying aircraft or in cramped or otherwise difficult industrial situations.

Aerospace Photography

Ian worked for many years in an in-house photographic unit within the aerospace industry. But he wanted more independence at work and when the opportunity arose to start his own business he took it enthusiastically.

Ian has always had a passion for photography and remembers his very first camera given to him on his 11th birthday – he still has that camera today a Diana camera.

smoke stacks, adigipix, devon
Smoke Stacks Taken By Adigipic
Aerial photo by Adigipic, Devon
Aerial Photography - Adigipic, Devon

The majority of Ian’s client photographic work is based in the UK’s South-East, however he is keen to grow his business in the South-West, especially Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Working closer to home would reduce the amount of travelling he does each month across the UK.

Capturing That All Important Image

New restaurant dining room by Adigipic, Devon
American Bar at The Savoy Hotel Captured by Adigipic

Ian thinks that building good relationships with his clients is vital. This enables him to get a better understanding of the image his client wants.

The Aerospace industry can be a bit stuffy at times but Ian let us in on a little incident that must have cheered everyone’s day (well nearly everyone’s) when he worked at a large Aerospace company.

I was waiting on the apron of an airfield for a Buccaneer fighter bomber to return from a sortie.

It had been raining hard for most of the day and there was a good, deep layer of surface water on the hard standing outside the hanger. The aircraft landed and was taxi-ing in, when two cars drew up on the far side of the hard-standing and some people got out.

There were a couple of bods from the MOD and some of our directors and senior managers. Someone did gesture for them to move but they chose not to.

By this time the aircraft was with us and so it could be pushed back in the hanger it had to turn 180 degrees. To do this it needed an extra blast of thrust to facilitate the turn, this manifested itself by lifting a sheet of water from the ground and propelling it at high speed, and with force, in the general direction of the party of big wigs whom by now were soaked from top to toe.

I wonder if he got a good photo of it!

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