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South-West Business Directory Launched

We started building the WestCountry.Co website – a South-West business directory with a difference – at the beginning of May 2012. And today Monday 25th June it was put live. WestCountry.Co is aimed at businesses based in the South-West UK – specifically Devon, Cornwall and Somerset – and consumers who live or visit the West Country.

Our intention is to showcase the local business talent, and at the same time, increase the exposure of that talent to potential customers.

Any business based in Devon, Cornwall or Somerset is welcome to apply.

To get things going Penelope, Daniella and I have been collecting interviews from local Devon, Cornwall and Somerset businesses and these will be added to the site over time.

How Was The WestCountry.Co Website Built?

I’ve been doing fewer interviews as at the same time I’ve been designing the site and setting up the hosting, security and backups for it as well as planning out its structure. I wanted the site to be viewable on a desktop computer and on a mobile device like an iPhone without having to write two websites and this has largely been achieved.

The site has been created using WordPress and is itself an example of the type of site we can build for South-West business clients.

WordPress lends itself well to small business needs and is very good for search engine optimization (SEO) – it gives you the best chance you’re likely to have as a small business, to do well in the search engines assuming you follow all the best SEO advice.

We’ve launched the website today to get it found by Google and indexed. We’ll be adding more content over the coming days once we see that Google has taken an interest. I believe in doing a slow launch for best indexing effect. Once the site is indexed by Google we’ll start adding content on a regular basis.

We’re looking into doing some SEO roadshows in the South-West, so if this is of interest to you, please let me know. Enjoy.

About Elizabeth

Liz is a technical web developer and SEO specialising in WordPress and its use as a tool to promote business through quality content. She is building WestCountry.Co as business hub in conjunction with Daniella Coughlin and Penelope Nicholson.